April 2023

Congratulations to our March 2023 abs and arms challenge winners Rhamin, Janice, Diana, and Kathy.  We will have a tie breaker challenge for our two prize winners!

This month’s challenge is row and run! Let’s get ready for summer Budz! This challenge is posted on the Facebook Members page and on the Whiteboard at the box. Please make sure to write your name on the days you complete the challenge on the paper calendar by the radio to receive credit.

Want to see a specific challenge? Email us at [email protected] or leave a comment on the challenge board for more ideas

We are wanting to have some teams participate in the Memorial Day Marathon Relay Race. We have one group already and would love to have another team of 4-5 people.  Race is April 30th.  Sign up on the white board or ask a coach for details.

Want to work on something, send us an email and we will try to work it into the schedule. [email protected]

Schedule Updates:
We will be closed April 9th for Easter Sunday

Competition Corner:
Bronco Beatdown is May13th at Yukon Highschool.  Same sex teams of two.  Deadline for registration with T-Shirt is April 12th.  We already have two teams able to compete, sign up on the white board or ask a coach if you’re interested.

Summer Slam is June 24th at Crossfit Fiend. Coed teams of 2. We already have one team ready.  Sign up on the white board or ask a coach if you’re interested.


Kaleb is our newest Coach, completing his L1 Crossfit Training.

Jeremy hit a new PR for squat cleans at 215#!!!
Kaleb PR his snatch 215#!!!

We had lots of other PRs this past month as well: Kaylyn, Alyssa, Jonathan, Hannah, Angela, and many more! Good job Budz!

4/4 Jesus Hernandez 4 years
4/22 Dianna O’Neal 5 years

Anytime you refer someone, you and
the referral will get 50% off their first
Anyone can try 2 free classes anytime!

4/2 Kerry Williams
4/30 Jamie Blaylock

Uh oh, we missed your birthday? Email us and we will get your birthday updated in our system.
[email protected]

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